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Born and Raised in Coweta County

Kayla Higginbotham, a Newnan, Ga native, has fond childhood memories of her grandmother’s convenience store. It was more than just a business; it was a community haven where Kayla learned the importance of creating a nurturing environment. Her time spent there, both playing and assisting her grandmother, instilled in her the values of care and community support.

In 2015, Kayla’s journey led her to the vapor industry, working at a local vape shop. This experience was not just about learning the trade; it became a journey of discovering how the right environment and tools could facilitate physical and emotional healing. The vape shop turned into another community hub, echoing the warmth and safety of her grandmother’s store.

It was during this period that Kayla also uncovered the remarkable benefits of hemp soap. Fascinated by its natural healing properties and the way it resonated with her ethos of health and emotional well-being, she was inspired to start her own venture. Combining the life lessons from her grandmother’s and her vape shop experiences, Kayla founded Twelve Oak Soap. This venture was a tribute to the principles she cherished – creating a space of support, healing, and community.

Twelve Oak Soap, much like Hazy Vapor Lounge which she also founded, mirrors Kayla’s vision of a judgment-free zone offering kindness, healing, and support. It’s not just a place to find high-quality hemp soap and CBD products, but a community spot where customers are met with understanding and compassion. Kayla, along with her knowledgeable and caring staff, strives to ensure that everyone who visits feels supported, mirroring the legacy of her grandmother’s store and her own journey in the vapor industry.

We Have Successfully Treated More than 100 Patients

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